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OQEMA re-connects
with nature!

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We are proud to distribute the world’s first ingredient with unique microbiome-restoring properties of finnish nature.

Scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system

The riches of Finnish nature, in your hands

Safe and sustainable ingredient for skincare, cosmetics & textiles

Led by science – developed at the Universities of Tampere and Helsinki

Introducing Re-Connecting Nature®

Re-Connecting Nature® is scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system and recreate a more natural balance associated with enhanced skin health, resilience, comfort and appearance.

This balance actively promotes skin integrity to:

  • enhance barrier function, faster regeneration and repair
  • reduce redness and irritation
  • increase levels of age-defying collagen
  • restore natural microbiome balance
  • INCI name Humus Extract
  • Immune system activator & biodiversity agent
  • CosIng (EU) registered
  • Microbiome friendly certified
  • Active ingredient for skincare,haircare and make up
  • Suitable for oil and water/oil emulsions
  • For all skin types, also sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically & tolerance tested
formulation advise
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Re-Connecting Nature® extract is not fully water or oil soluble, but it can be dispersed into both. If it is used in a water-based product, in order to prevent sedimentation, the usage of a thickening polymer with suspending properties (like Xanthan Gum at 1%) is advisable.

Heat tolerance
Re-Connecting Nature® extract should not be used at temperatures above 40°C.

Re-Connecting Nature® extract does not significantly impact the viscosity of the formulation. However, it is recommended to formulate the extract into high viscosity formulations, to prevent sedimentation of the extract particles.

Due to the dark characteristic shade of the extract, a higher oil phase is beneficial if a lighter coloured finished formulation is preferred.

Recommended dosage
0,5 – 4%

A scientifically proven, natural ingredient

Award-winning consumer products

Wide range of useage

Trusted by Re-Connecting Nature® Customers

We are joining forces with brands, manufacturers and people who share the same vision: a life without immune-mediated diseases.
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