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We introduce Synthomer, a front-runner in the global specialty polymers market. Synthomer distinguishes itself through its commitment to innovation and sustainability, servicing a diverse array of industries including coatings, construction, fibre bonding, technical textiles, foam, adhesives, and synthetic latex gloves. Their approach is characterised by a focus on water and solvent-based solutions and powder coatings.

Application Areas



Constructive Innovation

engineering in the future today

Delve into the extensive range of construction essentials, engineered to meet the rigorous needs of modern construction. Synthomer's additives enhance materials to surpass industry standards, while adhesives for construction and flooring ensure durable, precise bonding for an array of projects. We are committed to delivering these performance-centric products, ensuring a foundation of superior strength and resilience.

Uncover superior outcomes with mortars and advanced flooring solutions, each crafted to tackle the complexities of contemporary building. Their waterproofing membranes stand as a testament to protection, offering unparalleled defense against moisture, a guarantee of durability we stand behind. Experience our dedication to quality and innovation with products that advance sustainability in the construction industry.

Additives for
Cement adhesives
Polyester PES proofing
Asphalt & road
Assemble HMA
Decorative laminates
Wire & cable
Glass EIFS
Flooring adhesives
Technical fibre
REVACRYL™ L 8761 REVACRYL™ L 8761 is a top-tier dispersion with a low minimum film-forming temperature, reducing the reliance on coalescents while providing superb wet shear adhesion in formulations containing Silica and CaCO3, even at low temperatures. Enjoy its adaptability, boasting robust adhesion across a range of substrates, guaranteeing dependable performance in various applications.
LIPATON™ SB 40Y45 LIPATON™ SB 40Y45 is an advanced solution with enhanced rheology and workability, ensuring smooth application even under demanding conditions, such as high temperatures. Benefit from its exceptional mechanical performance, low water uptake, and minimal VOC emissions, all while being free from ammonia and formaldehyde, providing both performance and environmental benefits.
AXILAT™ UP 460S AXILAT™ UP 460S is a superior solution renowned for its high resistance to alkalinity and exceptional adhesion in dry, wet, and heat conditions, coupled with an extended open time for ease of application. Enjoy its environmentally friendly composition, as it is free from organic solvents, plasticizers, and film-forming agents, while enabling EC1+ certified formulations, ensuring both performance and sustainability.
LIPATON™ 40Y45 LIPATON™ SB 40Y45, a premier addition to our XSBR collection, providing a low VOC polymer tailored for mortars that demand outstanding rheological properties and unwavering stability, even at temperatures up to 45 °C. Optimized for use in repair mortars, its capability to minimize water absorption and fortify mechanical strength is unparalleled, ensuring enhanced performance in critical restoration work. Compliant with and exceeding DIN EN 12004 standards, LIPATON™ SB 40Y45 not only secures remarkable adhesion but also boasts versatility, making it ideal for diverse 2K CTA applications.

Innovative Coatings

a new era of surface solutions

From Industrial Coatings that redefine standards globally, to Architectural Coatings in Europe that marry function and form to elevate your projects, our range is crafted with precision and care. In the EU, our Floor Care Products and Floor Coatings promise not only protection but also an aesthetic appeal that stands the test of time.

Explore our Intumescent Coatings for unparalleled fire protection across the globe, and discover our tailored solutions for Masonry, Metal, Wood, Roof, and Road Marking Coatings, designed to cater to the unique needs of various surfaces and structures. Completing our lineup are our Powder Coating Resins and Additives, engineered to deliver the flawless finish your projects deserve.

Together with Synthomer, we're dedicated to providing you with coatings that not only meet your needs but also push the boundaries of what's possible in the coatings industry.

Metal coatings
SYNOXOL™ BEPD (Glycol/Diol)
Wood coatings
Protective Films
Polyester for powder coatings
Horizontal surfaces
(coalescing agents)
REVACRYL™ UG 1876 REVACRYL™ UG 1876 is a cutting-edge wall paint formulation boasting a high pH and free from biocides, ideal for creating paints compliant with RAL UZ 102 standards. Its compatibility with silicate paints according to DIN 18363, with organic content below 5%, ensures versatility and regulatory compliance for a wide range of applications.
PLIOTEC™ LEB20 PLIOTEC™ LEB20: featuring innovative LEB (Low Exudation Binder) technology, guaranteeing unmatched resistance to exudation and efflorescence, while maintaining exceptional colour retention and balanced resistance to dirt pick-up and mud cracking. Experience superior early rain resistance and efflorescence resistance alongside low VOC emissions, APEO-free composition, and no added formaldehyde, ensuring both performance and environmental responsibility.
HYDRO PLIOLITE™ 050** Outstanding stain blocking properties, excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.
PLEXTOL™ B 500 Excellent compatibility with cement and outstanding UV resistance.
PLEXTOL™ MG 3852 Very low VOC/SVOC emission capability, very low odor, excellent UV resistance.
PLIOWAY™ EC 1 Soluble in low odor solvents, blocks most common stains, barrier properties against water and CO2.
PLIOWAY™ EC-T Soluble in low odor solvent, rheological resin for use in combination with Plioway Ultra 200.
PLIOWAY™ ULTRA 200 Soluble in odorless solvent, blocks most common stains, adhesion to most substrates without primer, allows for reduced VOC content.
PLIOWAY™ ULTRA 350 LV Soluble in odorless solvent, blocks most common stains, adhesion to most substrates without primer, allows for reduced VOC content.
PLIOWAY™ ULTRA G20 Soluble in odorless rheological resin for use in combination with Plioway Ultra 200.

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