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BASF Amines Redefined:
Catalyst for Progress

At OQEMA, we take pride in being the selected distributor for BASF's standard amines portfolio in the UK and Ireland. Our longstanding partnership with BASF, which has thrived in Germany and Eastern Europe for over two decades, now extends to the UK market. Together, we combine our strengths to offer you an unmatched experience: an expanded product range, local expertise, and competitive pricing. Explore BASF's comprehensive range of high-quality amines, carefully curated for various applications. Benefit from OQEMA's extensive distribution network and in-depth knowledge of the local market. BASF's ability to deliver competitively priced products at scale ensures value for your business. As your trusted partner, we are dedicated to delivering excellence and enhancing your success.

Product highlights


These dual-functional solvents play a pivotal role in biomass deconstruction and bioenergy production. As effective pretreatment solvents, they facilitate low-energy processes, process intensification, and downstream conversion. Alkanolamines find applications in biorefineries for lignocellulosic biomass deconstruction, impacting areas such as biofuels, biochemicals, and sustainable materials.

Diisopropanolamine 110-97-4
Monoisopropanolamine 78-96-6
Triisopropanolamine 122-20-3

Alkyl Amines

Alkyl amines find their way into an array of products and processes. From rubber-making chemicals to surfactants, from solvents to insecticides, these compounds are true workhorses in the chemical world. They serve as building blocks for various chemical syntheses. Whether it's water purification, pharmaceuticals, or agriculture, alkyl amines contribute significantly to these industries.

Monoisopropylamine 75-31-0
Monoisopropylamine 70% 75-31-0
Triethylamine 121-44-8
Ethylamine Sol. 70% 75-04-7
Diethylamine 109-89-7


Ethylenediamine (EDA) serves as a key raw material for crop protection products like mancozeb or imidacloprid. Primarily the higher amine such as diethylenetriamine (DETA), acts as a curing agent for urethane & epoxy resins. Ethyleneamines, particularly EDA and DETA, find use in chelating agents & as wet strength additives for the paper industry. N- (2-Aminoethyl) ethanolamine (AEEA) is an ethyleneamine used in a broad array of applications such as, cleaning, coatings, Fuels & lubricants.

Ethylene Diamine 107-15-3
Diethylene Triamine 109-98-7
Piperazine Solution 68% 110-85-0
Piperazine Chips 110-85-0


Butylamines, are versatile organic compounds with applications in pharmaceuticals, chemical synthesis, and agriculture. They serve as building blocks for drugs, epoxy resins, and chelating agents. BASF's expertise in butylamines fuels progress across industries, emphasizing safety, environmental considerations, and regulatory compliance.

Mono Butylamine 109-73-9
Dibutylamine 111-92-2
Tributylamine 102-82-9


Methylamines exhibit remarkable versatility across various applications. Different methylamines contribute to the synthesis of intermediates for agrochemicals, including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, biocides, and miticides. They also directly act as catalysts or serve as raw materials for other catalytic compounds. Speciality Methylamines are widely used in the water treatment and home & personal care sectors.

Dimethyl Acetamide 127-19-5
Dimethyl Formamide 68-12-2
Dimethylethanolamine 108-01-0
Dimethylaminopropylamine 109-55-7

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