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OQEMA offering an alternative
to volatile silicones

The contemporary cosmetics industry is increasingly favoring silicone-free products. A promising substitute for D5 cyclomethicone in this regard is NPG Di-heptanoate, a lightweight ester that shares similar sensory characteristics.

NPG Di-heptanoate boasts the following attributes:






Appearance Colourless, odorless liquids
MM 328.5
Density (gcm-3) 0.926
Pour point (°C) -85
Viscosity (mm2/s at 20°C) 10
Refractive Index 1.4388
Vapour Pressure (kPa at 20°C) <0.001
Flash point (°C) 185
Water solubility (g/l (20°C)) <0.05
  • Emollient
  • Conditioning agent
  • Slip modifier
  • Opacifying agent
  • Film former
  • Surface modifier
  • Active carrier
  • Viscosiy modifier
  • Sensorial agent

Application areas

Colour Cosmetics

Emollients play an important role in colour cosmetic formulations. NPG Di-heptanoate is an ingredient witHa variety of attributes such as slipagent, providing a silky feel, reduced tack, reduced greasy feeling and improved spreadability. NPG Diheptanoate helps with the pigment dispersion on the skin, giving more coverage.

  • fluid illuminators
  • lip colour
  • primer
  • multi-use
  • eye brow
  • concealer
  • eye shadow
  • blush
  • eye liner
  • body colour cosmetics
  • foundations

Skin Care

In Skin Care applications NPG Diheptanoate is used as light emollient, primarily for formulation enhancemen as it provides good spreadability, e.g., in sunscreens and foundations. It delivers a smooth non-oily silky feel, which is desirable in topical lotions and creams. In its emollient role, it is absorbed relatively quickly into the skin. NPG Di-heptanoate also forms a protective layer, that retains the skin’s inherent moisture and helps prevent the skin from drying.

  • body care
  • eye cleansers
  • eye care
  • face cleansers
  • face/neck care
  • foot care
  • hand/nail care
  • lip care


NPG Di-heptanoate in sunscreen formulations provides good solubility to the organic UV absorbers. It also delivers the optimal spreading of the organic UV absorber, which remains on the skin after application. Its structure prevents a sunscreen from recrystallizing.

  • after sun
  • self-tanning
  • sun/sunbed exposure


In Deodorants NPG Di-heptanoate demonstrates excellent properties such as low surface tension, high lubricity, chemical stability, volatility and low viscosity. These properties help to provide a formulation that is fluid and has a less oily-feeling. It also has a high spreading factor on skin, acting as a slip agent and offering a silky feel.

  • stick
  • roll-on
  • spray
  • cream

Hair Treatments

NPG Di-heptanoate helps to prevent loss of moisture, but is not occlusive like silicones, it washes out easily preventing build-up. The treated hair surface contributes to improved wet and dry combing. It also acts as slip agent that provides lubricity.

  • conditioner
  • hair styling
  • hair colourants
  • shampoo

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