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OQEMA is committed to sustainability at its core. We're dedicated to achieving a net zero environmental impact while creating value from sustainable products and circular solutions. We're investing in energy-efficient technology and collaborating with our supply chain partners to reduce our footprint. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable future for all stakeholders and society by focusing on responsible operations and employee choices.


60% CO2 emissions



Developing an approach to reduce the indirect GHG emissions in the supply chain.2

Sustainable Products & Services

Innovative recycling concepts and the use of alternative materials reduce the current dependence on fossil resources are important pillars on the way to a more sustainable and circular economy. We are working with partners along the entire value chain to manage risk, provide transparency and bring less harmful materials into circulation; and develop new business models and supply chain concepts to meet societal demand for circular economy.

Leveraging assets and experience in waste recycling and logistics, we can offer compelling circular economy solutions and services to our distribution customers and support emerging low carbon industry needs.

Goals & Ambitions

Our sustainability efforts have defined goals. As a leading European chemicals distributor, we are guided by our responsibility to deliver greater sustainability with a focus on value creation, and by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.

Our footprint
Our commitments to
emissions reduction to
reach the Paris Climate

Safe & fair workplace
Committed to zero
accidents and valuing
diversity and inclusion
for all.

Circular solutions
Unlocking commercial
value through service-
led circular solutions.

Sustainable portfolio
Building a portfolio to be a
leading European
sustainability solutions

Sustainable procurement
Embedding risk
management and supply
chain tranparency for
responsible procurement.

Our ESG Proposition

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Group Director Sustainability

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1 Scope 1 and Scope 2 compared with 2021, related to shipped tons
2 Scope 3 emissions