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OQEMA repositions itself in France

The OQEMA Group continues to expand its business in France with QSO OQEMA Whyte SAS


The partner companies OQEMA AG and Stockmeier Holding GmbH have decided to restructure their holdings in Quaron SAS. Since 2011, OQEMA AG has held 50% of the shares in the jointly acquired Quaron SAS, one of the leading distribution companies for chemicals in France.

The French Quaron SAS was jointly managed by both companies for more than eight years with excellent results. ‘Today, Quaron is about twice as large as when the partnership was formed,’ says Peter Overlack, CEO of OQEMA AG.

The decision to reorganise the French joint venture is not least due to the limited influence of both parent companies on the further development of the joint company. 

In addition, OQEMA AG was able to acquire QSO OQEMA Whyte SAS, founded in 2003 and based in Vaulx Milieu near Lyon, at the end of 2018. OQEMA AG is thus further expanding its business in France with a focus on specialty chemicals and was able to win Jean Francois Daligault as Managing Director of the branch.

Stockmeier Holding GmbH acquires 100% of the shares in Quaron SAS. ‘We are confident that the measure will contribute to a good development for both companies. Peter Overlack had already announced strategic acquisitions at the end of last year. With the name change at the beginning of 2018, the group of companies has set itself the goal of Europe-wide expansion.’