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OQEMA expands its network with acquisition of Tecnufar Iberica S.L. in Spain

OQEMA grows its food business with the acquisition of Tecnufar, a supplier of innovative sustainable and high quality food ingredients and additives with main offices in Madrid, Spain.

OQEMA continues to pursue its European strategy: this step helps the company to complete its presence across Europe and strengthens the Iberian market position of OQEMA.

Liedberg, 10 January 2022

The OQEMA Group, founded in 1922, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Founded as a small family-owned chemical manufacturer, OQEMA is now one of the top-10 chemical distributors in Europe – but we won’t stop here: we recognise growth opportunities, seize them and solidly continue to expand our presence in Europe.  

We are proud to announce our first acquisition in our anniversary year: Tecnufar Iberia S.L. with main offices in Madrid, Spain. With this acquisition, the OQEMA Group grows its food business by adding innovative, sustainable and high quality food ingredients and additives to its existing portfolio and strengthens the Iberian market position of OQEMA in this field.

Founded in 1994, Tecnufar Iberica S.L. is a supplier of innovative, sustainable and high-quality food ingredients and additives. The company focuses on niche and higher value ingredients and applications, providing reliable and value adding services to customers and the principals they represent in the region and is active in the Iberian market for almost 30 years.

Matthias Mirbach, HUB Director of Southern Europe is looking forward to expanding and developing the business on the Iberian peninsula: “We are happy that the acquisition of this mid-sized family-owned company with a strong cultural resemblance to that of OQEMA was possible and want to welcome the company to our Group. Furthermore, we are pleased about the further synergies in the European market.”

Andres Herepey, who has successfully managed Tecnufar with a team of over 20 people since 1994, and who will continue as a managing director in the future, said: “Our roots are medium-sized and family-run. OQEMA is therefore the best possible partner for us to marry our local roots and spirit with the benefits of an international distribution company.”