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OQEMA Contract classified as climate neutral

Mönchengladbach, 29 September 2021. As sustainability is an important matter to the OQEMA Group, we are delighted to announce that our OQEMA Contract GmbH is now classified as climate neutral.

“We have the ambition to actively shape the future, to be pioneers and to act according to our conviction. With the successful certification as a climate neutral company, we are sending a clear signal – and we are proud of this as a team”, says Gerrit Niggemann, Managing Director of OQEMA Contract.

Paving the way for the future, the goal is to avoid, minimize and compensate greenhouse gases. Since the beginning of the year, the company is gradually switching to a paperless office and to renewable energy. Furthermore, the company is going to switch to district heating, use FCS certified paper and look for sustainable alternatives that can be integrated in daily operations.

As a distribution company, a large part of our business consists of transporting chemicals. Here, too, we optimise by bundling deliveries and managing them efficiently. However, a large part of this is unavoidable, which is why we offset all unavoidable emissions through a climate protection project called “Clean cooking stoves in Nyungwe, Ruanda”. Nyungwe Forest National Park in southwest Rwanda is home to one of the largest mountain rainforests in Africa and thus to an enormous diversity of animal and plant species. The population is growing and needs more and more firewood, thus endangering the ecosystem. The climate protection project enables households to reduce their wood consumption by supplying them with efficient cooking stoves made of local clay and sand.

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