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OQEMA expands its network with acquisition of Orosolv, France

OQEMA expands its business through the acquisition of Orosolv SAS and Orosolv Rhône-Alpes SAS, strengthening its service infrastructure in France

OQEMA continues to pursue its European strategy: this step helps the company to strengthen the market position of OQEMA in France

Liedberg, 28. March 2022

Founded in 1922, the OQEMA Group celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and continues to expand its presence in Europe:

We are proud to announce the acquisition of the Orosolv Group of companies based in Oyonnax, France, the French Plastics Valley (Ain) and in Brignais, near Lyon, with a total of over 20 employees, two warehouse locations, its own logistics, blending and repacking facilities. The company was founded in 2005 by Stéphane Farissier and will be integrated in the future with OQEMA France, managed by Jean-Francois Daligault. 

With this acquisition, the OQEMA Group is further expanding its infrastructure by focusing on the network expansion of its own warehouses. In addition, Orosolv’s focus on repackaging and the formulation of paints and solvents complements the existing offer perfectly and strengthens OQEMA's French market position as well as the OQEMA Group’s European presence.

Jean-Francois Daligault, Managing Director of OQEMA France, is looking forward to the expansion and development of the business in France: ‘The Orosolv Group with its warehouses, bulk storage, service facilities and its high level of technical expertise offers us great opportunities in the expansion of our portfolio and in value added services for our customers.’

Hartmut Kunz adds: ‘The Orosolv Group distributes all types of chemical products, lubricants, heat transfer fluids, surface treatment products, paints, and collects and processes industrial waste. This is a great addition to our existing portfolio in this region and to the dense and strong European network we already have.’